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Rove carts The good news here is that RoveBrand carts are legit and licensed in California and Nevada. Unfortunately, like a lot of quality vape brands, underground producers are making fake, knock-off versions, which aren’t lab tested for quality or safety assurance. You’ve got no idea what’s actually in a fake vape.

200 doses
How many doses in each Rove carts? There are 200 doses, or hits, for full gram cartridges, 100 for half gram cartridges, and 80 for disposable cartridges. The strength of the rove cartridge was impressive. It is one of the strongest we got . The lab test for the Gorilla Glue cartridge I tried out tested 78.09% THC and 89.87% total active cannabinoids. This co2 oil felt as strong as a Brass Knuckles cartridge if not stronger